Fall Snacks with Voortman!

We really enjoy our wafers from Voortman Bakery! I won’t lie, when we get our package the kids know something fun will follow! Be it a fun recipe, a snack or just us sitting and laughing!

Its hard to say which flavor we like most because really as the sweet tooth people we are – they all are great in their own way! Id say though, that the White Chocolate Cranberry is perfect treat on its own, with maybe a side of coffee! 😉 I know the kids weren’t disappointed!

We recently tried the white chocolate cranberry and we loved it! Desiccant but not too much, you taste all the cranberries! If you see these on your next target or grocery run, make sure to pick up a pack! If you recreate anything make sure to tag me! I love sharing these with you all!



Falling for Fall Wafers

Happy Fall Y’all!

With the seasons passing right by us, fall is here and I couldn’t be more excited to share this easy wafer recipe with you all! I recently received these delicious wafers from Voortman Cookies! The limited edition Pumpkin Spice & Apple Crisp You can find them in your local grocery store!

I attempted an easy throw it in a bowl and mix it all together dessert LOL! I got some vanilla bean ice-cream, and whipped cream, mixed the wafers and an apple the other side and then I top with ground cinnamon! YUM! Sounds a bit off, but its an easy dessert and definitely hits all the fall flavors!

I love how light an airy the wafers are, filled with so much flavor! This easy recipe was also approved by my kids! It was easy to put together and no mess 😉 Mom WIN!

Hope you give them a try on your next grocery run!



National Coconut Day!

June 26! Did you know there was a holiday for Coconuts?! #NationalCoconutDay If your like me maybe you didn’t! Theres a holiday for everything! HAHA! I was excited though to get these cookies from voortmancookies though! These coconut shaved cookies were so delicious! Both Belle and I couldn’t reisist! May I add a great afternoon treat!

So, ironically coming from a person who is not a HUGE coconut fan, these impressed me very much! The flavoring was just right, not repetitive in flavor and easy to take with you!

We took it an extra step and put coconut shaving on top! Belle thought it was such a treat! Make sure you check these out along with their other flavors offered on your next grocery run!

Voortman Cookies

Hi Friends!

Hope everyone is well! To help lighten the mood during this coronavirus craziness, I wanted to do something with Belle to help distract her. Baking, crafts and at home projects are a good distraction I feel. So when voortman cookies reached out with these delicious treats, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them! We got raspberry, chocolate, vanilla sugar wafers and oatmeal chocolate cookies. If I had to be honest my favorite were the oatmeal cookies – YUM!

I wanted it to be fun with her, so I bought different color wilton candy melts, easter tie bags, and spring sugar frosting decor toppings all from Walmart I first began by melting the chocolate melts on a double broiler, I then dipped the wafers and cookies into the melt and let it sit on a sheet with wax paper! *Side note – I attempted this on a wire rack to let the remaining chocolate dip, its good but then the wafers get the wire mark on the bottom part* To add the sugar topping I used the same melted chocolate and added to the wafer!

We both had so much fun making these, she especially had more fun when it came to decorate and add the sugar toppings! What I love is how easy this is to do and how it can be used as a dessert platter to someone house (just dress them up on a cute plate), or if your hosting a party, and treats for friends/teachers! I bought cute treat bags to put them in if we decided to gift to grandma and grandpa!

We hope you enjoy this fun and yummy activity with your littles! If you decide to do this with your littles tags us so we can see!


Jackie ~ TheMommaThatCould

Colugo Stroller

Hi & Hello Friends!

If you’ve been following me recently on Instagram, then you saw I was able to test out a stroller from Colugo. They offer two different types, The Complete Stroller & the Compact Stroller. I tried the complete stroller, and WOW! It is so impressive when I first opened the box, its Easy to build, able to close and open with one hand. I love the colors and patterns you are able to choose from.

pictures by BlissfulHazePhotography

I also really enjoy how light weight and easy to clean the fabric is. Especially down here in South Florida, the heat kills any type of fabric. I feel like this light weight fabric will withhold in our Miami heat. This stroller is so light for its size, that its my new favorite everyday stroller! & my back totally appreciates it! If your a mom you know we need a cup holder for our target runs, well this stroller comes with it and a rain cover! (especially us south Florida moms, the rain comes whenever it wants so its nice to know its a standard with the stroller)

photo by: BlissfulHazePhotography

Julian really enjoys the lean back feature that this stroller offers. It can literally lay flat which is great for me, Julian has fallen asleep on it so easily. It easy handling and rotating wheels makes it easy to squeeze in to tight spaces. And be comfortable in stores that may not be so big. Did I mention how big the basket is in the bottom?! I LOVE IT! I went out the other day and was able to put his backpack and a few bags from my target run!


Aluminum alloy frame

No-puncture tires using custom EVA-rubber blend

Certified UPF 50+ Canopy,

Stain-resistant Comfort Layer

Durable vegan leather handlebar

PVC-free Rain Cover

If you’ve been contemplating on purchasing I highly suggest that you do! Totally recommend if your in the market for a full size stroller! Im excited to try their compact stroller, we have two trips planned for the summer and one includes air travel so I’m very intrigued to use! Keep you guys posted on that one!

Hope this was of help!



Adore Cosmetics

Hello and Hi Everyone!

Hope everything has been great with you all! Its been some time I share my skin care routine, and wanted to keep you in the loop of what I am using as of recently!

Recently I was able to try out a few new items for skincare from Adore Cosmetics! I had initially tried this brand a few years back, and asked myself when I tried again, “why did I stop?” LOL!

Funny thing! Ricky actually uses the cleanser and cream on his face, that he bought during Christmas! and he loves it! They recommended him to use it once a week! There is a counter at Nordstrom that he went to and the team there was very helpful!

Wether I am using makeup or not for the day I prefer to prep my face. I am firm believer that it helps your skin all around! Id like to think I have regular skin over all, but depending what life events are happening I tend to be a little sensitive. My skin is the first to show if I am stressed!

I first started using the facial cleanser essence, to prep my face. I can feel my face instantly washed from impurities. I then used toner, and the tingly feeling I had felt so good on my skin. Its like in a way I felt it get tighter! The toner I tried was their Essence facial toner!

Did you know that Glycolic Acid is one of the main ingredients in many of our skin and haircare products? It helps with fine lines and aging! I feel that if you begin to implement a good routine from young, it leaves room for minimal “cosmetics tweaks!”

My next step was using the Essence Facial Hydrating moisturizer cream. This line is for Normal to Dry skin. What I enjoy about adore cosmetics, is that they have different lines and products that focus on either Sensitive or normal to dry. You can pick what best suites you and your skin needs! Moisturizer is one thing I do not leave the out with out! Living in Miami, its hot, humid and I FEEL it instantly when I don’t have it on!

I then go ahead and either put my makeup on or go about my day! Skin prep for me is something I feel that should be introduced from young starting with a simple moisturizer!

The last item I used but this I use at night after shower, Calming Butter! WOW! It feels so rich and decadent on my skin. If your a mom, you understand me when I say we area always washing dishes, or doing things around the house. And with time, it takes a toll on your skin! I love to use hydrating creams on my body as well!

I hope you enjoyed my updated skin care routine! When you can go and check our their website! Adore Cosmetics has such great skin care items to help target different needs! If you decide to purchase, use my coupon code: JACKIEVALDES for a little discount! Hey! Anything helps I always say! 😉




Summer Vacations!

This summer we were lucky to enjoy two family summer vacations. First one was with Rickys family in the Bahamas. And the second was with my family in Siesta Key, FL. Every year we try to make these our family vacations and now that the kids are in the picture, were starting a tradition for them to remember!

We really enjoy both, keep reading below to see my overall thoughts on both destinations!

Bahamas, Atlantis: The Cove

So we stay at The Cove currently, but when we first started going we would stay in the main towers known as Coral/Royal Towers at Atlantis, Bahamas. Here is where normally all the cruise ships tell you about their fish tanks, slides and beautiful beaches! Atlantis is a bit on the pricey side but the experience you get is beautiful and unique. Inside the resort you have some restaurants and coffeeshops as well high end to average shopping! Id say, if you are really interested to stay, be prepared to spend. If you go by cruise by the 1 day pass while you are there and you get to experience the amenities of the park without the actual expensive stay! Its fun, we normally have a great time whenever we go. The kids are enjoying it more now with the slides & different shows offered through out the day. Pools and slides are a blast! & the beach is beautiful its my favorite! I am more a beach person then pool. So I tend to be a little bias lol! We’ve been going for many years so we’ve seen it transform in different stages. Depending on your littles age range, you have to pack the whole pharmacy with you! Mine were 3, and 11 months, so pretty much every single thing you can think of even snack related I checked it in!

Siesta Key: Sarasota

Siesta Key for me is a favorite, ive been going since high school, and love its much more now with my family. Ricky had never been until one year we went while dating. Since then, he fell in love with sand, water and relaxed atmosphere that you get while being there. The water for the most part is a greenish, depending on the time of year there could be red tide that has happened to us before. This past year it rained a lot because of a tropical depression else where. When we do go, we prefer to stay in a house on the ocean side so we don’t have to lug so much to the beach with the kids or cross the Main Street to get to the beach. We really enjoy knowing we plan to go there every year. Now that Julian is with us, his birthday lands next to Fourth of July weekend so it will be a dual celebration every time for him!

Summer Vacation Fun, Memories that will last!

Thank you for reading! Hugs,



Recently I shared a story about a life struggle, that women/moms go through more than I knew. The term “post partum” sounds so negative… While its something very common, some range from small to big like many things in life. Id like to take a moment and share a little bit about my story.

I am very blessed to say that I have a tremendous support system, and my own self awareness to know that my case looking back in retrospect was NOTHING in comparison to other cases. It took me a while to realize though that my pain at that moment was REAL and RAW and I shouldn’t devalue it. Instead, I rather share it!

My PP, was 4 months after my son Julian was born. His start at LIFE with us, was a bit rough in the beginning to say the least. But, he’s a happy healthy baby boy who makes me melt every time! (he totally has me wrapped around his finger and my household knows it! 🙂

When Julian was born, he and I had our touch time, and quickly after that he was taken to NICU, he never made it to my room, and he stayed in NICU for 13 days. I had to leave the hospital without my child, I can’t even begin to explain the emotions I was going through those past few weeks. He was kept because of water in his lungs at first because he had dusky episode. After that, it was a series of examinations everyday, pricked and poked, GI Tubes, X Rays, etc. Im grateful for it all, don’t get me wrong. But, at that moment, you just want to go home and cuddle your child. Well, the day came we left and we were finally home! We got sent home with a apnea monitor that would ring like a fire alarm every time he moved. We had doctors appointments after to make sure we can remove it and few months after being home we were cleared! Looking back, while being in NICU you see so many more severe cases that you tell yourself/ ask, is mine that bad? But, at that moment for me and Ricky it was. Months later a close friend of mine lost the love her life in a tragic accident and about few weeks later was Belles birthday. I was on the phone with my mom, because we talk daily, and she asked me if I needed help, and I asked for what? and she said for Belles birthday. The thought of planing and having people over dreaded me, which that for me was red flag! If you know me personally, you know I have pure joy when people come over, when I Host, when I cook, when im running around but I love it! So, there is when I knew I needed to face the music, and I did. My husband and Family gave me signs that I pushed away, but I knew I had to work on it on my own!

So, I started with my hair, my hair for me was a tremendous self esteem booster since young & my boobs but that will wait lol, my boobs after weightloss and pregnancy well ladies…you know! So I began with Monat, and yes while its a business, I truthfully joined for the products, and FOR ME & guess what?? its working! I suffered from alopecia (auto immune disease) and they told me my hair would never grow. Do you know what that is? as a woman? so for me to find them, and the products work. I love it!

I TRY! key word here, TRY to practice being in the moment. I try to practice mindfulness I try to practice gratitude. I try to take moments to myself everyday or a few times throughout the week to just sit alone outside and breathe and ground myself! I say try, because its work. It takes work to find peace, it takes work to maintain happiness. Its like any relationship worth fighting for.

I am happy that I was able to share my story & in hopes to let other women know your not alone. We are all doing our best! We are all trying to do the same thing, raise decent tiny humans to survive this world who doesn’t stop for anyone!

If you can, go visit: www.myhappyr.com and check out so many amazing women sharing real life stories and keeping it real! Share with anyone who you think might need it! You never know who you can help or even put a smile on!

Thank you for following my journey!

Hugs & Happiness,

Jackie ~ TheMommaThatCould

PinkBlush 2 in 1!

Hi & Hello There!

I recently was sent this beautiful lace tee from PinkBlush in exchange for this post and of course my thoughts on it. You know me I love to share good finds! [ad]

What I really love about this top is how versatile it can be styled. You can go from day to night time, just by changing your shoes and accessories depending the outing.

Taking these pictures were fun for me because I had events to go to, and this top came in perfect timing! I wasn’t kidding from day to night time look! We had a late afternoon event to then quickly after to a dinner party. What is it about finding pieces that you can restyle over? To me personally, its great! Its a twofer! Ha, 2 in 1!

We had my nephews birthday party which was indoor/outdoor and it was a beautiful day in the MIA! We have been so lucky, many up north have been in extreme blizzards!

How pretty are the details on this lace cold shoulder? Its, flirty, fun and compliments many I think! This gorgeous top was such a great add to my closet! Love me great staple pieces! And might I add, the top was comfortable, airy and easy to clean!

PinkBlush is great for all kinds of women’s clothing, maternity clothing, plus size clothing, plus size maternity clothing. Thats convenient for anyone! All in one for yourself, to share with others or maybe gifts for close ones! This tee compliments many body types I think! Im a sucker for details and lace! This tee, got me so inspired to wear this outfit technically “all day”! I enjoy shops who offer a variety of clothing to their customers, it shows they are willing to work towards making their audience happy!

I also wanted to add that my good friend helped me with these pictures, KN Photo she definitely made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. This momma enjoyed her outings while be comfortable in style!

Till next time friends!



Weekend in the Windy City!

Hi There Friends!

Its been a while since I last wrote, life has been a bit hectic lately. Adjusting to two has been no joke. Its the most tiring yet rewarding feeling ever! If you were to ask me now i’d say 1 is not as intimidating as you thinking ha!

I am very blessed for my husband and support system that we have, I was able to take a mini break and enjoy a girls weekend in Chicago recently. We celebrated my best friend/sister Vanessa for her upcoming wedding in January! There was about 15 of us at one point, given that some of us got in at different times and left. But, 15 was the magic number.

Chicago, was amazing! I hate to sound so cliche saying that, but it really was. The Windy City definitely impressed, I am so excited to go back with Ricky. Again as previously mentioned we were there on a bachelorette so our itinerary was a little different but not far off what I would do with Ricky once we go back!

To start, we went the perfect weekend I think, Middle September, the weather was BEAUTIFUL! As far as stay we did an AirB&B which worked out because there was so many of us and the budget for so many it was easier to stay in a house 10 mins away from the city. We enjoyed most of the “touristy’ things, as i’m sure there was more to experience. But, we saw the main things people said to do. We visited the Willis Tower: SkyDeck, The Bean at Millennium Park, River boat tour, Brewery Tours, Cubs Game (which was AMAZING to witness in person), and of course eat eat eat and drink! What more could you want to do? We ate at restaurants & visited bars/lounges that came highly recommended by several people: Girl & Goat, Beatnik, Velvet Taco, Restoration Hardware Brunch, Navy Pier, Cindys Rooftop, Lagunitas Brewery Tour, Celeste Bar, Pyrsm Nightclub. Near Wrigley field after the game, walking distance there are bars and restaurant near by. We also walked Michigan Avenue where its mixed with shops, professional office buildings and bars in-between. Chicago, you did not disappoint! I can’t wait to go back and visit with Ricky! I already know of some places I want to check out hopefully when we go back!

If you’ve never been, I highly recommend visiting in your near future if you can! I hope some of these suggestions could be of use!

Till next time!