Organizing & DeClutter..

Declutter has been the word around here for a bit. We recently moved into our new home about 4 months ago, but believe it or not, when you move, yes you get rid of things, but theres always a few extra items that tend to linger when they probably don’t need to! Where am I going specifically with this…Make Up Declutter!

I think we all can agree that we have that one thing in makeup that we tend to buy all the time when maybe we really don’t need it. (lol, but I say to myself I ALWAYS need it!) So, recently I had a burst of energy at night, when Belle was passed out and decided its time to finally declutter my bathroom vanity drawers. I found these awesome seperators at the dollar spot at Target (holding my eyeliners, lip liners, some gloss and powder compacts) and the acrylic narrow tray at HomeGoods along with the vanity beige quaterfoil liner. I found this acrylic tray to be great for my vanity drawers, because if yours is anything similar to mine its very narrow and wide. Whats currently holding my makeup brushes is actual old candle glass vase? If that makes sense? So, you know you get a candle, that is round like the bath and body works one or something pretty that you like, once the candle is done you can reuse it! Ill share how I do that on another post! 

I find that when you are organized and have a place for something you tend to feel more put together. I’ll be honest thats a feeling I like to feel. That, “Ah, look how pretty it looks all nice and put away”. Prebaby, after baby & NOW, I like to have some areas that I feel I can easily control since I’m day in an day out of these drawers. Your probably now thinking I must be this mess of a disaster lol, Im not I promise you! But like any other toddler mom, after chasing, cleaning and chasing your child some more, you find yourself asking, “Where does the day go?”. The kitchen has been the next area that I have been attempting to declutter, organize and try to find a “flow”. I enjoy cooking and hosting so trying to find a flow for me has been pretty important and has been brought to my attention as I’ve done things. Below Ill share with you the vanity update so far. 

Stay Tuned! 

The Momma That Could

 Acrylic Tray/ Vanity Liner: HomeGoods
Acrylic Tray/ Vanity Liner: HomeGoods
 Acrylic Holder from Target Dollar Spot. 
Acrylic Holder from Target Dollar Spot. 
 Acrylic Tray Target Dollar Spot  MakeUp Brushes Holder - Glass Candle Vase (DIY At Home Project) 
Acrylic Tray Target Dollar Spot MakeUp Brushes Holder – Glass Candle Vase (DIY At Home Project) 

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