School Time!

Well, Hello & Top of The Morning To Ya! 

Monday October 23rd, had to be one of the hardest days I had to face besides delivering Belle. You guessed it, she started Pk2. I really don’t want to say PK2, because she’s technically a “year” behind because her birthday is in November, but you get the drift. SHE STARTED SCHOOL AND SHES AWAY FROM MOMMA!!!! 

So, the first day went smooth only because I think she didn’t know where she was. When I picked her up the same day she was happy to see me! (Which felt amazing to see her face) I cried pretty much the majority of the first morning. Second day went okay, but she cried when I left so of course I cried as I walked to my car lol. Third day, she knew what was happening, she was okay till we got to the classroom, it felt like I had to shove her and leave. My heart sank, I never felt such a heavy heart ache. Im hoping day 4, goes a little smooth. Lucky its a short week. Friday she won’t be going in (Teacher Planning), we can do our normal hang out that I’m sure she misses right about now. ( I KNOW I DO!) 

I know this is a good thing for her, I can see how its needed for both her and I. Im hoping she enjoys it, I catch myself asking her “So how was your day” thinking I’m going to get a response LOL. She’s 2 Jackie! Come On! 

Wish us luck ill post an update soon! 🙂