We survived!!

Well Hello Hello! 

Its been a while that I write, Ive been a lot more active in my social media world I do admit! 

We Survived! & Your thinking, okay what? 

We survived a whole lot within these past 2 weeks! Belle survived preschool with her first school ending with an ear infection and bronchitis. While that was happening Hubby and I got sick prior our trip to Nicaragua (Something that we had been looking forward to for a long time) the trip was amazing! Lots of love for our friends! We came back, worse and I got bit by “No See’ems” in the water. Id like to think its sea lice from the water. 

Now lets rewind real quick to Nicaragua. It was a nice flight, to and back. Manaugua, where you land is like Miami in the sense of weather. Its busy, food is delicious and people are friendly. We drove through it pretty quickly to get to the next town over which was Granada, we went to a park where the locals call “Las Isletas”, which is the only fresh water lake they have in all of Nicaragua (I believe, I was a couple Tonas in, their local beer). We later left there and went to their main plaza area where we had Yuca topped with Fried Pork loins and Onions. Lets just say, my stomach is made out of steel after this trip! Once we enjoyed our delicious snack, we walked around to push the food down, and enjoyed our scenery. After Granada, we finally arrived our beautiful hotel destination which was in San Juan Del Sur. Its a total 2.5 hrs away from the airport give or take. If you stop, consider your timing because the streets at night are not well lit, so the locals would suggest to either get a van service, or chauffeur who is use to their road conditions.

We stayed in what was a beautiful outdoor/exotic resort that was inclined on a mountain! The resort is located in San Juan Del Sur, Pelican Eyes Resort; “View Paradise, from Paradise” was their slogan! And boy, when you walked in there, you knew you were in their paradise. You had to be careful wherever you walked, they pretty much built these Spanish looking style houses on a mountain, so its a lot of stone as steps and walkways. Our little house was called “Casita Tranquilita”. We loved it, we had a garden view, it had a mini fridge, stove, microwave and outdoor grill. The wedding venue was held in the same resort, and it was beyond beautiful how they were able to set the ceremony and the reception. The Ceremony was held with a breathtaking view, of the Pacific Ocean and Mountains. Overall, beautiful trip and great memories were made! 

We survived Annabelle in School, as in the sense, for her starting her first week she was hit hard with a cold and then finished it by us leaving to Nicaragua which was on her 2nd birthday.  As a first time mom, who started their toddler in school and got sick the first week and we had to leave to attend a wedding on her 2nd birthday in another country (which we knew we wouldn’t be here, but now lets add she’s sick) and the both of us are not 100% ourselves. Id like to think, WE SURVIVED!!

I sit here laughing at myself at this post because, so much can happen so quickly and time just passes. Take the time to enjoy every little single thing. (As much as you can!) Im not trying to be corny with the positive thinking but, I always like to see the best of every scenario. Its hard, its not always easy, but by making simple actions, decisions or gestures positive thinking will bring you positivity to your life. Id like to think that we all do amazing things and jobs in our own way, & more so as mothers, you need to remind yourself YOUR FU*KING AWESOME!!! 

Till next time friends!