So Much To Do…

Hey There! 

So Much To Do and Such Little Time! I find myself multiple times throughout the day saying, If I had more time in the day Id get so much more stuff done. Or would I? I feel like Im constantly writing the same To Do List every week, with occasional scratches off the list. 

Since Belle started school I have wanted to do so much but feel like I have hit a wall. Don’t get me wrong its only been about 2 weeks and in the those 2 weeks so much has happen and I realistically haven’t had time. I now sit here reflecting, telling myself to just take one thing at a time. Your never going to be “caught up” when you have kids. I tell my Non Baby Friends, its not the same when your at work & you want to be up to date with everything nothing just sitting there nor anyone calling your attention to do something because your behind. MotherHood, HouseLife doesn’t work that way! Theres always going to be Laundry, Mail, Dishes, Things to do around the house, Chasing a Toddler, Organizing something, Planning meals and my favorite Cleaning! So, I take it in stride these days. 

All in all, I tell my self just to enjoy each moment as it comes because, right now this is the best time of Ricky and I lives. We are so in love with Belle and The House & feeling our warm family vibes in our new home. I pray to God all the time for our blessings! 

Hope you all have a great week! Till next time!