Disney Trip!

Hi and Hello Friends! 

We went to Disney while I was 24 weeks pregnant with my toddler Annabelle & Family. We went to celebrate my nephews 4th birthday & we all had such a great time! We went middle of March, which the weather was great, cool and sunny – sunny to the point that we all get burned without realizing because it was so cool you didn’t feel the sun! Gotta love Orlando, FL weather! 

We decided this time around to go to Epcot and Hollywood Studios! We hadn’t been to Hollywood studios in years! My how it has changed, we saw that they are opening soon a Toy Story Land and Star Wars section! Belle enjoyed both parks very much as we did too! Epcot every year around this time of year has their Annual Flower & Garden event, which is where each pavilion has some sort of floral/greenery design as so does the whole park! Its actually very beautiful, along with their florals they have a beautiful ButterFly Tent where you can see a variety of butterflies some even still in their cocoons. 

Since we went to celebrate my nephews birthday my sister booked WAY in advance a character breakfast at Chef Mickey’s at The Contemporary Hotel! It was delicious, decently priced and the kids had a blast which is what mattered! I also found my rose gold mickey ears, that I had been searching for since last December when we went to celebrate Belles birthday – so of course when I saw them – I HAD TO GET THEM! 🙂 

Below are some pictures – ENJOY! 🙂 

  France Pavillion infant of Beauty and The Beast - with my rose gold ears :) 
France Pavillion infant of Beauty and The Beast – with my rose gold ears 🙂 

  Family Picture at Chef Mickey's! 
Family Picture at Chef Mickey’s! 

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