Favorite Johnson Baby Products!

Hi There! & Happy Monday! 

I hope you all have a great start to the week! 

I wanted to share some of my favorite products from JohnsonBaby that I have been using for a while now with Belle! They are used pretty much everyday, and I find myself replenishing a lot and my empties were staring at me in my face so I thought, to share what has been working with us! 

Everyday when we get home from school or camp, since its summertime now – I always draw a bath for her. Even though we might go back outside in the afternoon when daddy gets home, she pretty much bathes twice a day! (talk about a clean tush!) She really loves “bubblebath time” – as soon as I pick her up, she’s already asking “Momma bubblebath?” So, I’ve tried all 3 Johnson Baby Bubble Bath Times, and quite frankly love them all. Pictured below is the blue original, but the purple for me is my favorite just because of the smell and its calming. But really all bubble baths from them are great! 

With bath time, we wash those pretty curls of hers, and if you know me, (I have straight hair) so taking care of curls was something new for me! I also enjoy using their “No More Tangles” shampoo + conditioner in one! Its smells so pretty & leaves her curls so bouncy! Before I blow dry her hair, I  normally use the “No More Tangles” detangle spray & I also use it when styling her hair for school/outtings! It really helps with the those curls! It smells great, and it helps ease combing through her hair.

Lastly, is the head to toe wash, which I take with me on our vacations everywhere! Its a great size, and it does everything in 1 bottle so it helps me save space in here luggage! I love the formula in it, and hello NO TEARS! This is what Johnson is known for as well along with their great formula consistency! Ive even used the head to toe for myself, when I’ve gotten “eye infections” – because of the No Tears, it helps clean out your eye ducts! * Just a little tip I thought to share! Whenever that happens, I get a cloth towel, warm water and the head toe and really lather up the towel and wash the eye! Random I know, but hey whatever helps! 

From when she was born, till now we have gone through quite a variety of products! And I can safely & honestly say, for the past year this is what we’ve been using and its been great for us! I’m excited to try their products with Julian when he arrives soon! Belle has had such a great outcome, I’m sure he will too! 1 more week, and he’s here with us god-willing! I hope his was of help for some of you mommas! 

Till the next post!