College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors!

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To all my mom & family followers, this post is for you! Im excited to work with our sponsor, College Sitters to share this post with you! How many times do you catch yourself asking, whose going to pick up the kids? Who is going to help with homework? We need a tutor but also someone who can help with the house? I need a nanny but don’t know who to trust or look for? What if I told you a little secret?! There is a new family service being offered in Miami Dade! Last week I had the pleasure of meeting new moms, that are local in the community and discussed a helpful service, called College Nannies, Tutors & College Sitters! It is U.S Based, and we are now one of the many locations to have this being offered to us! (For specific locations I would call to confirm I don’t want to misguide!)

Overall, Its a service that offers help to families whose needs can range! A person to help out with your little ones and while they are at your home, “light” house keeping. A person who can take care of your little, and help with homework if needed or tutor. Running late at work? Need someone to pick up your child? Allow them, an hour in advance for real time emergencies and they can try to help! Traveling within the U.S? Checking before hand, they could possibly have a satellite location where you are traveling. 

For peace of mind, they help match caretakers with families based off their needs, they help with background screening, care takers are CPR trained and they have a user friendly app for families to use. You can select which language you prefer. If the caretaker needs to pick up your child/teen, you can request a driving and drug test background. I want to express, This is NOT a click/go service, its a convenient service however, its personal. They take the time to do a phone interview with first time families or family visit before pairing them with one of their expierenced care takers. You need to allow 3 hours in advance for the caretaker to come before the needed time. 

Picture below, shows the 3 different categories of caretakers offered. I met with the team for the Coral Gables location & everyone was so helpful and ginuine. 

 In this picture, you can see the break down of services they offer. On their website, app & by calling you can retrieve further information as needed! 
In this picture, you can see the break down of services they offer. On their website, app & by calling you can retrieve further information as needed! 
 We are now one of those locations! 
We are now one of those locations! 

Right now they are offering for a limited time a discounted enrollment rate which is ONE TIME ONLY – no renewals -you pay once and its forever! Along with the discounted rate, they will include 4 free hours for first time users! You can access through the link below.

Unique Link:

How much is it? 1-3 kids is 20-22$ H/R each child after that is 2$ additional. For specific rates please clarify at moment of confirmation. 

Please keep in mind to specify your needs and expectations, and they will work with you to make sure it is met! They have a CAN DO attitude and are always looking to help and keep families happy!

I personally think this is a great service that is being offered in our community. Whether you are busy family, single mom, a family with no “local” family to help. College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors can help! I feel like this is very helpful and a great addition to families who need the help but don’t know where to look or how to even start to trust!  

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