Summer Vacations!

This summer we were lucky to enjoy two family summer vacations. First one was with Rickys family in the Bahamas. And the second was with my family in Siesta Key, FL. Every year we try to make these our family vacations and now that the kids are in the picture, were starting a tradition for them to remember!

We really enjoy both, keep reading below to see my overall thoughts on both destinations!

Bahamas, Atlantis: The Cove

So we stay at The Cove currently, but when we first started going we would stay in the main towers known as Coral/Royal Towers at Atlantis, Bahamas. Here is where normally all the cruise ships tell you about their fish tanks, slides and beautiful beaches! Atlantis is a bit on the pricey side but the experience you get is beautiful and unique. Inside the resort you have some restaurants and coffeeshops as well high end to average shopping! Id say, if you are really interested to stay, be prepared to spend. If you go by cruise by the 1 day pass while you are there and you get to experience the amenities of the park without the actual expensive stay! Its fun, we normally have a great time whenever we go. The kids are enjoying it more now with the slides & different shows offered through out the day. Pools and slides are a blast! & the beach is beautiful its my favorite! I am more a beach person then pool. So I tend to be a little bias lol! We’ve been going for many years so we’ve seen it transform in different stages. Depending on your littles age range, you have to pack the whole pharmacy with you! Mine were 3, and 11 months, so pretty much every single thing you can think of even snack related I checked it in!

Siesta Key: Sarasota

Siesta Key for me is a favorite, ive been going since high school, and love its much more now with my family. Ricky had never been until one year we went while dating. Since then, he fell in love with sand, water and relaxed atmosphere that you get while being there. The water for the most part is a greenish, depending on the time of year there could be red tide that has happened to us before. This past year it rained a lot because of a tropical depression else where. When we do go, we prefer to stay in a house on the ocean side so we don’t have to lug so much to the beach with the kids or cross the Main Street to get to the beach. We really enjoy knowing we plan to go there every year. Now that Julian is with us, his birthday lands next to Fourth of July weekend so it will be a dual celebration every time for him!

Summer Vacation Fun, Memories that will last!

Thank you for reading! Hugs,


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