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Hello and Hi Everyone!

Hope everything has been great with you all! Its been some time I share my skin care routine, and wanted to keep you in the loop of what I am using as of recently!

Recently I was able to try out a few new items for skincare from Adore Cosmetics! I had initially tried this brand a few years back, and asked myself when I tried again, “why did I stop?” LOL!

Funny thing! Ricky actually uses the cleanser and cream on his face, that he bought during Christmas! and he loves it! They recommended him to use it once a week! There is a counter at Nordstrom that he went to and the team there was very helpful!

Wether I am using makeup or not for the day I prefer to prep my face. I am firm believer that it helps your skin all around! Id like to think I have regular skin over all, but depending what life events are happening I tend to be a little sensitive. My skin is the first to show if I am stressed!

I first started using the facial cleanser essence, to prep my face. I can feel my face instantly washed from impurities. I then used toner, and the tingly feeling I had felt so good on my skin. Its like in a way I felt it get tighter! The toner I tried was their Essence facial toner!

Did you know that Glycolic Acid is one of the main ingredients in many of our skin and haircare products? It helps with fine lines and aging! I feel that if you begin to implement a good routine from young, it leaves room for minimal “cosmetics tweaks!”

My next step was using the Essence Facial Hydrating moisturizer cream. This line is for Normal to Dry skin. What I enjoy about adore cosmetics, is that they have different lines and products that focus on either Sensitive or normal to dry. You can pick what best suites you and your skin needs! Moisturizer is one thing I do not leave the out with out! Living in Miami, its hot, humid and I FEEL it instantly when I don’t have it on!

I then go ahead and either put my makeup on or go about my day! Skin prep for me is something I feel that should be introduced from young starting with a simple moisturizer!

The last item I used but this I use at night after shower, Calming Butter! WOW! It feels so rich and decadent on my skin. If your a mom, you understand me when I say we area always washing dishes, or doing things around the house. And with time, it takes a toll on your skin! I love to use hydrating creams on my body as well!

I hope you enjoyed my updated skin care routine! When you can go and check our their website! Adore Cosmetics has such great skin care items to help target different needs! If you decide to purchase, use my coupon code: JACKIEVALDES for a little discount! Hey! Anything helps I always say! 😉




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