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Hi Friends!

Hope everyone is well! To help lighten the mood during this coronavirus craziness, I wanted to do something with Belle to help distract her. Baking, crafts and at home projects are a good distraction I feel. So when voortman cookies reached out with these delicious treats, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them! We got raspberry, chocolate, vanilla sugar wafers and oatmeal chocolate cookies. If I had to be honest my favorite were the oatmeal cookies – YUM!

I wanted it to be fun with her, so I bought different color wilton candy melts, easter tie bags, and spring sugar frosting decor toppings all from Walmart I first began by melting the chocolate melts on a double broiler, I then dipped the wafers and cookies into the melt and let it sit on a sheet with wax paper! *Side note – I attempted this on a wire rack to let the remaining chocolate dip, its good but then the wafers get the wire mark on the bottom part* To add the sugar topping I used the same melted chocolate and added to the wafer!

We both had so much fun making these, she especially had more fun when it came to decorate and add the sugar toppings! What I love is how easy this is to do and how it can be used as a dessert platter to someone house (just dress them up on a cute plate), or if your hosting a party, and treats for friends/teachers! I bought cute treat bags to put them in if we decided to gift to grandma and grandpa!

We hope you enjoy this fun and yummy activity with your littles! If you decide to do this with your littles tags us so we can see!


Jackie ~ TheMommaThatCould

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