Fall Snacks with Voortman!

We really enjoy our wafers from Voortman Bakery! I won’t lie, when we get our package the kids know something fun will follow! Be it a fun recipe, a snack or just us sitting and laughing!

Its hard to say which flavor we like most because really as the sweet tooth people we are – they all are great in their own way! Id say though, that the White Chocolate Cranberry is perfect treat on its own, with maybe a side of coffee! 😉 I know the kids weren’t disappointed!

We recently tried the white chocolate cranberry and we loved it! Desiccant but not too much, you taste all the cranberries! If you see these on your next target or grocery run, make sure to pick up a pack! If you recreate anything make sure to tag me! I love sharing these with you all!



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