About Me

Hi There! & Welcome! Thank You for stumbling across my blog! My name is Jacqueline, but I prefer Jackie. I hate to say, but I live where you vacation. Yep, you guessed it, the beautiful Sunshine State, FL. I am a wife, mother, wannabe writer & photographer. I am a former healthcare employee who was blessed enough to leave one day job I enjoyed, to one that I am completely in love and blessed to do. Mom to Annabelle and Julian!

I love being a mother, but before kids, I was always in a fast paced atmosphere, and the change to slow newborn pace at home was a bit of a shock at first, I must admit. So, l found myself on the little down time I did have, reading, visiting blogs, social media insight on newborns, babies, weightloss after pregnancy etc. and thought to myself, I have been wanting to do this for such a long time (blogging) but never had the time (because pre baby I was working, going to school and planning my wedding). Not that I have all the time in the world because I don’t, TRUST ME! If anything, I always catch myself saying “where does the time go?” and “IF I had more hours in the day…”. So, here I am, starting up something that I always did on paper ( such as: Journals and Diaries DUH!), and keeping up with the times via internet, and social media. My intentions are for me to share My Experiences, Momma Tips, Recipes, Family Fashion, Home Decor, Healthy lifestyle and anything else I can squeeze in!

Fun Facts:

  • I love my Family & Friends 
  • I enjoy Cooking
  • I hate roaches (I throw a shoe and run the other way!) 
  • Our first “kid” is our fur baby Gizmo 
  • We love to eat & travel whenever we can! 
  • I always love a good deal

I feel we all do the same job just a little different, why not share what works for me and in hope it can be of use to another. Whenever someone asks me where did I get something, I love to share where I got it & not do the “Oh, I got it as a gift”! (because lets me be honest, we all know someone who does that) I love to share my finds and deals & get excited on what I do encounter! So I hope you stick around for our journey as I share my love for being The Momma That Could!