We survived!!

Well Hello Hello! 

Its been a while that I write, Ive been a lot more active in my social media world I do admit! 

We Survived! & Your thinking, okay what? 

We survived a whole lot within these past 2 weeks! Belle survived preschool with her first school ending with an ear infection and bronchitis. While that was happening Hubby and I got sick prior our trip to Nicaragua (Something that we had been looking forward to for a long time) the trip was amazing! Lots of love for our friends! We came back, worse and I got bit by “No See’ems” in the water. Id like to think its sea lice from the water. 

Now lets rewind real quick to Nicaragua. It was a nice flight, to and back. Manaugua, where you land is like Miami in the sense of weather. Its busy, food is delicious and people are friendly. We drove through it pretty quickly to get to the next town over which was Granada, we went to a park where the locals call “Las Isletas”, which is the only fresh water lake they have in all of Nicaragua (I believe, I was a couple Tonas in, their local beer). We later left there and went to their main plaza area where we had Yuca topped with Fried Pork loins and Onions. Lets just say, my stomach is made out of steel after this trip! Once we enjoyed our delicious snack, we walked around to push the food down, and enjoyed our scenery. After Granada, we finally arrived our beautiful hotel destination which was in San Juan Del Sur. Its a total 2.5 hrs away from the airport give or take. If you stop, consider your timing because the streets at night are not well lit, so the locals would suggest to either get a van service, or chauffeur who is use to their road conditions.

We stayed in what was a beautiful outdoor/exotic resort that was inclined on a mountain! The resort is located in San Juan Del Sur, Pelican Eyes Resort; “View Paradise, from Paradise” was their slogan! And boy, when you walked in there, you knew you were in their paradise. You had to be careful wherever you walked, they pretty much built these Spanish looking style houses on a mountain, so its a lot of stone as steps and walkways. Our little house was called “Casita Tranquilita”. We loved it, we had a garden view, it had a mini fridge, stove, microwave and outdoor grill. The wedding venue was held in the same resort, and it was beyond beautiful how they were able to set the ceremony and the reception. The Ceremony was held with a breathtaking view, of the Pacific Ocean and Mountains. Overall, beautiful trip and great memories were made! 

We survived Annabelle in School, as in the sense, for her starting her first week she was hit hard with a cold and then finished it by us leaving to Nicaragua which was on her 2nd birthday.  As a first time mom, who started their toddler in school and got sick the first week and we had to leave to attend a wedding on her 2nd birthday in another country (which we knew we wouldn’t be here, but now lets add she’s sick) and the both of us are not 100% ourselves. Id like to think, WE SURVIVED!!

I sit here laughing at myself at this post because, so much can happen so quickly and time just passes. Take the time to enjoy every little single thing. (As much as you can!) Im not trying to be corny with the positive thinking but, I always like to see the best of every scenario. Its hard, its not always easy, but by making simple actions, decisions or gestures positive thinking will bring you positivity to your life. Id like to think that we all do amazing things and jobs in our own way, & more so as mothers, you need to remind yourself YOUR FU*KING AWESOME!!! 

Till next time friends! 




Preschool Update

Hi There and Happy Sunday Funday!

I hope your Sunday is going better than mine. Unfortunately Belle and Hubs have been sick all weekend. Needless to say Ive been home since Wednesday. 

So, preschool was fun for the 3 days she was able to go. She got home sick Wednesday and couldn’t go Thursday. I know that it came from school, but do people really need to remind you how much more sick she can possibly get because shes adjusting? I mean come on, give me a break. Im already going through a hard transition that she is no longer attached to the hip, now you gotta tell me shes might have some crazy colds to brace myself that it could be bad. I mean, I take it with a grain of salt, but lets be honest no first time parent enrolling their kid to school wants to hear that. We know the inevitable will happen, they’re gonna get sick. I just honestly didn’t think it would happen so soon. 

Well, I’m hoping for a smooth week, my priority is for her to recuperate better because her birthday is right around the corner! I want her happy and healthy for her big day! She’s turning, 2! Ah! Where does the time go? 

Well, to another update for preschool. Till then, have a great week & cheers! 



School Time!

Well, Hello & Top of The Morning To Ya! 

Monday October 23rd, had to be one of the hardest days I had to face besides delivering Belle. You guessed it, she started Pk2. I really don’t want to say PK2, because she’s technically a “year” behind because her birthday is in November, but you get the drift. SHE STARTED SCHOOL AND SHES AWAY FROM MOMMA!!!! 

So, the first day went smooth only because I think she didn’t know where she was. When I picked her up the same day she was happy to see me! (Which felt amazing to see her face) I cried pretty much the majority of the first morning. Second day went okay, but she cried when I left so of course I cried as I walked to my car lol. Third day, she knew what was happening, she was okay till we got to the classroom, it felt like I had to shove her and leave. My heart sank, I never felt such a heavy heart ache. Im hoping day 4, goes a little smooth. Lucky its a short week. Friday she won’t be going in (Teacher Planning), we can do our normal hang out that I’m sure she misses right about now. ( I KNOW I DO!) 

I know this is a good thing for her, I can see how its needed for both her and I. Im hoping she enjoys it, I catch myself asking her “So how was your day” thinking I’m going to get a response LOL. She’s 2 Jackie! Come On! 

Wish us luck ill post an update soon! ๐Ÿ™‚




Its A Pizza!

Its A Pizza At Home Night…

Pizza for us is one of those easy go to recipes for us! We’ve done this same recipe in the oven and now we decided to venture and try it in the smoker! AND Boy, was that fun! My Hubbie found this Weber Pizza Stone in one of his trips to Brandsmart. The ingriedients to make at home pizza believe it or not is actually VERY easy! One quick store run, or add the items to your next grocery list! Its fun and easy and everyone and in the family loves it! 

 Weber Pizza Stone found at Brandsmart $40 or so
Weber Pizza Stone found at Brandsmart $40 or so
 Staub Cast Iron/ Stone Holder (Great for HOT Dishes) 
Staub Cast Iron/ Stone Holder (Great for HOT Dishes) 
 Family Gift Smoker
Family Gift Smoker

So, we had the intentions it was going to be “thin” pizza, that obviously didn’t work out! However, it did come out Delicious, Crispy & Crunchy! If you like your pizzas with delicious flavor and crispiness follow the recipe below and ENJOY! ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Dough (I normally get the fresh one from Publix, but you can use frozen just let it thaw with enough time) 

Pizza Sauze (I use store bought, if you want to make from scratch please be my guest!) 

Cheese: Sargento Shredded Italian Cheese and Mozzarella

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)


PreHeat Oven to 475F

Grease your pan with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Roll out your dough, with flour on your surface and on your hands so its easier to work with

Once you have it more or less shaped and spread to your liking, I like to put it a little EVOO on a brush and lightly coat the top part of dough, let it dry for 1 minute. Then, begin to put your pizza sauce. 

Add any of your toppings.. I put salami on mine (I was getting rid of cold cuts) But Ive put pepperoni before, spinach and red onion, feta and red onion..you can put sausage, veggies, no meat if you just love cheese! 

Add your Cheese, Some more toppings and Some more Cheese

Put it in the oven for 12-15 minutes, depending on how hot your oven can get. Also, keep in mind how thin or thick you would prefer your crust. I normally like mine to be a little thin and crispy. 

Once its done let it sit for a couple of minutes because it will be HOT!! 

Slice and Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

*Tip I like to remove some excess dough to make the pizza pie thin so when it bakes it gets crispy.

Organizing & DeClutter..

Declutter has been the word around here for a bit. We recently moved into our new home about 4 months ago, but believe it or not, when you move, yes you get rid of things, but theres always a few extra items that tend to linger when they probably don’t need to! Where am I going specifically with this…Make Up Declutter!

I think we all can agree that we have that one thing in makeup that we tend to buy all the time when maybe we really don’t need it. (lol, but I say to myself I ALWAYS need it!) So, recently I had a burst of energy at night, when Belle was passed out and decided its time to finally declutter my bathroom vanity drawers. I found these awesome seperators at the dollar spot at Target (holding my eyeliners, lip liners, some gloss and powder compacts) and the acrylic narrow tray at HomeGoods along with the vanity beige quaterfoil liner. I found this acrylic tray to be great for my vanity drawers, because if yours is anything similar to mine its very narrow and wide. Whats currently holding my makeup brushes is actual old candle glass vase? If that makes sense? So, you know you get a candle, that is round like the bath and body works one or something pretty that you like, once the candle is done you can reuse it! Ill share how I do that on another post! 

I find that when you are organized and have a place for something you tend to feel more put together. I’ll be honest thats a feeling I like to feel. That, “Ah, look how pretty it looks all nice and put away”. Prebaby, after baby & NOW, I like to have some areas that I feel I can easily control since I’m day in an day out of these drawers. Your probably now thinking I must be this mess of a disaster lol, Im not I promise you! But like any other toddler mom, after chasing, cleaning and chasing your child some more, you find yourself asking, “Where does the day go?”. The kitchen has been the next area that I have been attempting to declutter, organize and try to find a “flow”. I enjoy cooking and hosting so trying to find a flow for me has been pretty important and has been brought to my attention as I’ve done things. Below Ill share with you the vanity update so far. 

Stay Tuned! 

The Momma That Could

 Acrylic Tray/ Vanity Liner: HomeGoods
Acrylic Tray/ Vanity Liner: HomeGoods
 Acrylic Holder from Target Dollar Spot. 
Acrylic Holder from Target Dollar Spot. 
 Acrylic Tray Target Dollar Spot  MakeUp Brushes Holder - Glass Candle Vase (DIY At Home Project) 
Acrylic Tray Target Dollar Spot MakeUp Brushes Holder – Glass Candle Vase (DIY At Home Project) 

Welcome Post! :)

Hello There! & Welcome! My name is Jackie and I am a stay at home MoMma who is balancing her everyday life, just like any other & would like to share anything that could be of fun, help & entertaining!

With that, I’m hoping you stop on by and check out our journey as I intend to share Kid food ideas, Mom Tips, Home Decor, Healthy Lifestyle, Beauty, Recipes, Family Fashion & anything else I can squeeze in! 

Im excited to share with you & for whats to come for the blog! Glad you are here, & thank you for stopping by!